Plaster and Pebble Finishes

Is your pool becoming dilapidated, needing resurfacing?  We can tackle these bigger projects for you. There are an endless array of surface finishes we offer, from traditional, white plaster to pebble finishes. We can upgrade from any surface to a pebble finish and give your pool a new, modern look. We know that these projects are costly, which is why, we offer a financing option with rates starting at 3.99%!

Epoxy coating

The second product we offer is a super strong, algae resistant, epoxy coating. Technology has come a long way in the pool resurfacing world! This is NOT an epoxy pool paint that you would buy at a home improvement store. This is a true epoxy coating that has a life expectancy of 10-26 years depending on the grade chosen. It comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty and will not flake, blister, or chalk. It can be applied to gunite (plaster) pools and even fiberglass pools. One of the greatest things about it is that it is nontoxic with an almost nonexistent odor during application. It also comes in many different colors to choose from!